Become Escanor!

The Journey To Become ESCANOR – The Lion’s Sin of Pride

He got real strength. That’s why he can show his pride.

I want to become a man just like him. So I’ll build my value, train my mind, my body to be strong. I’m going to be a Master of C

And I have a plan to learning it from scratch, I have some skills in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript already though

  • Read C Programing Language – Richie & Kernighan
  • Read Expert C Programming
  • Read C: A Reference Manual

Take a course about C for beginner on /

With English:

  • I will spend time for Pronunciation R-W, TH, L, S-Z about 1 hour per day
  • Learning Vocabulary with Anki
  • Listening To Music, English everyday (Obama speeches, Motivational videos – looking for more)
  • Make videos about learning English, cover other speech, talk, IELTS speaking tasks (searching too)
  • Talking to myself about random topic everyday for 2 minutes to improve the fluency

I am Escanor

Something that I have to care about too, my health and my physical skills:

  • Stand up and make some movements hourly
  • Pushing Up at least 100/day
  • Practicing Tenkan (Aikido movements) at least 500/day
  • I’ll think about Running and Training my abs too.
  • I’ll sleep before 11 pm
  • Read at least 4 books per month (about developing my value)